Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Fabulous Book, Part 2

     The magic of novels is that they can give you an inside look into a lifestyle or philosophy, as Deng Ming-Dao did in his fabulous book, Chronicles of Tao: The Secret Life of a Taoist Master.  I learned far more about Taoism than I have in any of the other books I've reviewed these last several months.

    And why?  Because it portrays a human being, in this case, Saihung, with all his faults and doubts and struggles.  It could go from his internal monologue to his interactions with his Taoist master or his difficulties in maintaining his belief system in the secular world.

     And that, for me, is the magic of novels.  I could have written The Gemini Bond as a dry exploration of Twin Souls and how the concept is found in science and nature and mythology, but following Rissa's journey, I thought, would be far more illuminating.  For example:  How does she handle her psychic visions?  What does the recognition of a Twin to another feel like?  What does the aftermath entail?  That is the power of fiction.  It illumines the real in ways that dry academia cannot.

     In any case, treat yourself to a novel sometime.  You may enjoy the story, but your heart and mind may transformed by the power of the journey.

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