Saturday, November 18, 2017

Are You an Empath? Part 2

     Last week I was listing the characteristics of an empath that Dr. Judith Orloff describes in reference to her book, The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People.  How did you rate?  Did some characteristics resonate more than others for you?  Well, here are the remaining descriptions of an empath.  Let's see how you do.
  • Are you afraid of becoming suffocated by intimate relationships?
  • Do you startle easily?
  • Do you react strongly to caffeine or medications?
  • Do you have a low threshold for pain?
  • Do you tend to isolate yourself socially?
  • Do you absorb other people's stress, emotions, or symptoms?
  • Do you get overwhelmed by multi-tasking, or prefer to do one thing at a time?
  • Do you need a long time to recuperate after being with difficult people or energy vampires?
  • Do you feel better in small cities or the country rather than in large cities?
  • Do you prefer one-to-one interactions or small groups over large gatherings?
     While I haven't read Dr. Orloff's book (yet), it sounds like it would be very helpful even if you are only somewhat empathic.  The book has great reviews!

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