Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Small but Powerful Resource

     They say that sometimes good things come in small packages.  It is true in a book I recently read, Celtic Wisdom Book (Book in a Box).  It is part of the "book in a box" series, and the small box contains both a tiny (less than 3 1/2" square) book as well as some totem animal cards.  I have a few other books on Celtic spirituality, but none quite as informative and specific as this one.  Plus, it comes with a pronunciation guide, since the Celtic language, to me, doesn't sound like it looks on paper.

     I especially enjoyed the detailed explanations of the seasonal celebrations in the Celtic calendar.  Matthews does a commendable job of giving the history of the seasons, the animals and winds that are typical of those times, and some ideas of how to celebrate these seasons in a small gathering.  It's very useful.

     It comes with a small deck of totem animal cards which can be used for personal insights and divination.  The last chapter in the book explains the meanings of the different animals and how they may be relevant in your life.  Highly recommended.

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