Saturday, September 2, 2017

An Oldie But Goodie

     Once in a while it's good to visit an old friend and see with new eyes what attracted you in the first place.  So it is with Michael Garrett's Walking on the Wind: Cherokee Teachings for Harmony and Balance.  I pulled it off the shelf a little while ago and enjoyed walking with the author for a while.  Ancient wisdom bears repeating.

     Garrett is from the Easter Band of Cherokees.  His father was inducted into the knowledge of using plants for healing, and passed on the reverence for the natural world to his son.  The book reveals that with every page.  It reminded me again how very disassociated our society is from the natural world from which we came.  Do I consider the plants that I tread on?  Do I thank the plants and animals and minerals which provide me with food, healing, or shelter?  Do I live in a state of awareness of my natural surroundings and in deep gratitude for what I receive?  This book instills the importance of those virtues.  A wonderful read.

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