Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Good Book, But . . .

     Have you ever been excited to read a book and then discovered it wasn't what you expected?  It's not the author's fault, necessarily, but more the result of unfounded expectations on the reader's part.

     And so it was for me with Jack Angelo's Self-Healing with Breathwork: Using the Power of Breath to Increase Energy and Attain Optimal Wellness.  It's a good and useful book, don't get me wrong, but I was really expecting something else.  I think I read the description online and thought it would be about the breathing techniques of various spiritual traditions, with background and context, for the purpose of healing.  Except for a couple of cases, that is not so.

     Mainly, Angelo presents various breathing exercises as they pertain to connecting with the Universe or to your environment, and for filling up and healing the chakras.  That is all good, and I found a few useful practices.  But, secretly, I was a little disappointed.  It's me, it's totally me.  You may find this book worth having.  Explore and decide for yourself.

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