Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Fabulous Book, Part 2

     Last week we were discussing the wonderful writer Mary Oliver and her newest collection of essays, Upstream: Selected Essays.  Here's a delicious quote that gives good insight into her impetus for writing:
Knowledge has entertained me and it has shaped me and it has failed me.  Something in me still starves.  In what is probably the most serious inquiry of my life, I have begun to look past reason, past the provable, in other directions.  Now I think there is only one subject worth my attention and that is the precognition of the spiritual side of the world and, within this recognition, the condition of my own spiritual state.  I am not talking about having faith necessarily, although one hopes to.  What I mean by spirituality is not theology, but attitude.  Such interest nourishes me beyond the finest compendium of facts.  In my mind now, in any comparison of demonstrated truths and unproven but vivid intuitions, the truths lose.
     Get this book. 

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