Saturday, February 4, 2017

Balancing the Male and Female Energies, Part 3

       We have been discussing how to bring balance to ourselves and to our world, after centuries of male-energy dominance.  Here's a thought to grab onto:
We must embody the change we want to see.
     If we think of male energy as fire, we need to act as water. 

     When we see aggression, we take a stand as peacemakers. 

     When we see control and manipulation, we live for truth and work for equality. 

     When we see callous disregard for our environment or the weakest in our society, we act with justice, compassion and nurturing. 

     When we see exclusion, we include. 

     By living the life we want to see, we become leaders of a better tomorrow.  Hopefully, this latest incarnation of male-energy dominance will prove to be a last gasp of that kind of imbalance. 

     Meanwhile, embody the change you want to see. 

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