Saturday, January 9, 2016

Listen and Learn

     A while ago I finished listening to a lecture series about meditation.  Actually, I had a double purpose in listening to it -- I listen to things in the car in hopes that it would lessen my tendency to scream at, uh, focus on the idiot, uh, other drivers on the road.  Second, I sometimes learn things.

    This lecture series comes from The Great Courses, a rather eclectic company that offers lectures about all sorts of subjects.  Some might think this company appeals to egg-heads only, but I think the lectures are designed to appeal to most people with an ounce of curiosity.  Curious?  Check out their website here

     The lecture I recently finished was The Science of Mindfulness:  A Research-Based Path to Well-Being.  The presenter, Ronald D. Siegel, shows how meditation practices such as mindfulness practices have all sorts of practical benefits aside from calming the crazy monkey inside our head.  More on this next week.

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