Saturday, September 5, 2015

What Personality Type are You? Part 1

     No doubt you've taken at least one personality quiz in your lifetime; perhaps you've taken more.  I've seen them simplified into colors ("I'm a blue!") or into quadrants.  Even magazines offer personality quizzes on a regular basis. 

      I was reading an interesting book entitled  Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine by Beinfield and Korngold (OK, so I have varied interests).  According to their interpretation of the ancient Chinese elemental system, there are five basic personality types.  The authors stress, however, that just because we have one dominant personality type doesn't mean that the other elements aren't also active in our personality.  I think that is key.  For the truly balanced personality, we need all five elements working as a team, each coming to the fore when the circumstances call for them.  If one element becomes overly dominant, the others become weak or unbalanced and that can manifest as problems in the personality and/or physical illness.

     What are the five personality types?  They are Wood (the Pioneer), Fire (the Wizard), Earth (the Peacemaker), Metal (the Alchemist), and Water (the Philosopher).  Already pegged your type?  Come back next week and we'll explore each type in turn. 

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  1. i am wood, cause i have an explosive temperament, but sometimes i`m an Peacemaker as well, so i dont know exactly what type i have!