Saturday, March 28, 2015

De-Brine Your Mind

     In the March-April edition of Spirituality and Health, there is an interesting article by Kevin Anderson called "How to Soak in Divine Brine."  (If you would like to learn more, here is the link to the magazine).

     In the article, Anderson says that the reason we feel we are so messed up sometimes is because of our environment:  we're pickled because we are constantly soaking in really messed-up brine.  Think of the 24-hour news cycle with its barrage of negativity and fear, the constant friction between pragmatists and ideologues (example:  Have you ever wondered if "ideologue" and "idiot" have a common root word?), the partisanship and corruption in government, wars around the world, economic inequality, pollution and overpopulation . . . Do you feel pickled yet?

     Well, Mr. Anderson argues that the best way to de-brine your mind is to fill it with healthy antidotes.  He offers pithy quotes based on the specific issue you are struggling with.  Here's an example:

     If you struggle with low self-esteem, try these thoughts on for size:
Between God and the soul there is no between.  (Julian of Norwich)
          See the Supreme in the body, see the Supreme in the mind.  (Yogaswami)

     We'll have more de-brining antidotes next time. 

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