Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Year, New You? Part 2

     Have you been listening to your thoughts this past week?  Have you been watching what you say about your hopes and beliefs for the new year? 

     If you truly want things to change, you need to develop that constant self-awareness.  Those little passing thoughts and words that say something to the effect of:  "This year won't be any different, things won't change, I still will suffer what I've been suffering" will tell you what you believe.  And if this is what you believe, and what you put your energy into, whatever it is that you don't like will continue to torment you.

     Here's a better way.  Look at whatever it is that challenged you in 2014.  Was it health?  Finances?  Relationships?  Now, look at it as one experience in your lifetime.  Then, tell the Universe, "Thank you for that experience."  What?? you ask.  Yes, say thank you. 

     After all, didn't you learn something while going through that experience?  Was your character shaped in some way?  Did you develop a new inner strength or insight that you didn't have before?  That's what Earth School is all about, friends.  So, look to your Teacher and say thank you. 

    After that, get yourself up, dust yourself off, and greet the new year, with all its new lessons, with a brave face.  You can do it.

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