Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lousy Title, Great Show

     Don't you ever wish you could dope-slap (in a Zen sort of way, of course) some of the people in TV land?  Here's my new pet peeve:  there's a great show on LMN that has a lousy and misleading title and the worst title music ever.  It's called "The Ghost Inside My Child" and when I first saw it on the TV listings, I fully expected it to be about exorcisms or some such eerie nonsense, and I avoided watching it.  Then, one day I was making dinner and turned it on while I was cutting vegetables and was so engrossed that I ended up slicing my finger badly enough to require me a trip to the local urgent care. 

     I think the dopes trying to market the program wanted to play up the scariness factor, but in fact it's a well-produced show about children who remember their past lives and the families who have to come to terms with that.  The stories are engaging, the family members' anguish and puzzlement real, and on the whole, something worth seeing.

     Just put the knife down before you watch it.  We don't want any more accidents.

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