Saturday, September 6, 2014

An Open Letter to Extra Terrestrials

Dear E.T.:

     If some of the things on the internet and certain cable shows are correct, you are responsible for giving humankind technology, especially in the last seventy or so years.  Please stop.

     We humans, I am noticing, are not ready for all this technology.  I don't know how many times I have seen fellow humans almost kill themselves because they are so focused on their hand-held technological devices that they totally lose awareness of their surroundings.  I was in an elevator with a male human a couple of weeks ago who was so engrossed in his "smart" phone (I'm sorry, but how did something that makes the user stupid get called "smart"?) that he was totally unaware of what floor he was on.  We could have stopped at the gates of Hades and he would have happily disembarked right into a fiery crater. 

     And how many humans have either fallen into manholes, run into walls or other humans, blocked aisles in stores (my personal pet peeve), lost track of their children, or caused automobile accidents while engaging with their tech device?  Clearly we are not yet evolved as a species to handle this responsibility.

     Perhaps it is part of your secret agenda to kill us all off.  If so, you are doing it rather piecemeal, if you want my opinion.  Unless, of course, your plan is to have this whole technological addiction to culminate into the mass extinction of our species through tech-driven war, biological weapons, and extreme climate change.  If that is your plan, you won't have much of a planet left to take over. 

     Whatever your objective is, you may wish to reconsider and allow our species to grow up a bit.  Or a lot, in many cases.  I'm sure we will have much more in common with you if we are able to evolve before we have further contact.  By then, you may find that we are finally able to do two things -- well -- at once.  You may even find us interesting.

     Until then, kindly please desist.


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