Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rants from a Cranky Empath

     I woke up this morning feeling out of sorts, but the main reason is that it seems that rather than evolving, our society seems to be de-volving.  It's getting more angry, more violent, more insensitive.

     What happened to the blissful vision of our species evolving into a compassionate, empathetic race of beings?  What happened to the hopeful promise of 2012?

     Have you noticed, too?  As a society, we don't compromise, we accuse and vilify.  We don't extend a hand or show compassion, we tell the other to "get over it" or "help yourself up."  We don't look to the root cause, we blame.  In short, we are anything but a species of empathetic beings.

     It saddens me.  I know there are many others like me, but what is our effect on society?  Why aren't things getting better?  What can be done?

     Empaths, take heart.  I believe that we are making a difference, even if it is just being a placeholder and sending forth our higher vibrations from our own little corner of the world.  More on that next week.


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