Saturday, April 26, 2014

Creating Our Reality or Accepting Our Karma, Part 3

     If you have been reading the last couple of posts, I was comparing two viewpoints.  One says that our words and thoughts create our reality, and if we experience unpleasant circumstances, it's our fault.  The other says that whatever happens to us in life is due to karma, and we must accept it the best we can.

     Is there a third way?

     I believe that life is about learning lessons.  Yes, words and thoughts do have profound power, but we must realize that we are CO-creators in life, and not in charge completely.  Sometimes we have lessons that we must learn, and sometimes those lessons come with a bitter taste.

     Should this stop us from trying to make ourselves or our lives better?  Absolutely not.  We should watch our thoughts and words and take time to envision the life we wish to have.  However, if a difficult lesson should come our way, we should do our best to learn the lesson there and get on with life. 

     And if you see someone else suffering under a harsh life lesson, please don't judge.  Your turn may be next.  Have compassion, people.

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