Saturday, January 18, 2014

An Interesting Article on Soul Mates, Part 2

     As I wrote in the last post, I found an article about Twin Souls. ("A Match Made in Heaven?" by Jane Ganahl in Spirituality and Health magazine).  The point of the article was that too many people wait for the Perfect One to come along and make them complete.  The author suggests that perhaps the notion of a "soul mate," as she terms it, is misleading or even false.  As she tells herself when meeting a potentially interesting man who may not fit her criteria of a Perfect Match, "You're not a teenager anymore -- you can't afford to keep believing in soul mates or tooth fairies."

     Well, I believe that Twin Souls do exist, but they are not here to complete us in the way most people think of it.  As I wrote in The Gemini Bond, Twin Souls are our other half, but their purpose is to lead us to a higher realm of existence, to evolve and grow.  We need to be fully complete as individuals before we can fully join with our Twin Soul.


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