Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Helpful Book for Empaths, Part 2

     The book, Become The Most Important Person in the Room, is organized as a 30-day plan to learn to function healthfully as an empath.  The author, Rose Rosetree, states that most empaths pick up stuff from other people (physical pain, emotional gunk, and so on) because they do not know how to do an empath merge safely.  For the first 27 days of the program, Rosetree teaches the struggling empath about how to stop doing these unskilled empath merges by focusing on different parts of oneself.  This way, you become the most important person in the room (an uncomfortable state for most empaths, at least in the beginning). 

     At first, I was skeptical.  After all, aren't empaths gifted for the purpose of helping others?  What about those empaths who can take in other people's stuff on purpose, then funnel that stuff into Mother Earth to be recycled?  Although I know people who can do this, I cannot at this point.  Rosetree's techniques help me to keep from doing the unskilled empath merges in the first place.

     I know, I know, we were all taught to protect ourselves with a thick layer of white light.  Rosetree stated, much to my relief because it confirms my own experience, that this doesn't work for most empaths.  One quick thought, one lingering look in some one's eyes, and WHAM -- we've done an unskilled empath merge.  With that, we've brought into our aura all sorts of stuff that really doesn't belong to us.  By the end of the day, we're wiped out, or we get sick because of all the extra issues we carry around that we really don't need to.

     Are you an empath?  Do yourself a favor and order this book.  In a month, you'll find yourself with a whole new way to life.


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