Saturday, May 4, 2013

Groundhogs and Twin Souls, Part 2

     I'm continuing with the idea that a movie about having to relive one day again and again is a metaphor for the journey toward Twin Soul reunion.  In the movie Groundhog Day, the main character, Phil, must relive February 2nd (Groundhog Day) over and over.  Why?  He needs to learn to become a better person, to let go of his cynicism, to become less self-centered, to learn to be considerate and kind to others, and to perfect himself, not for the purpose of winning the girl, but to finally learn what true happiness is. 

     How is this like the path to Twin Soul reunion?  In my view, souls take a separate journey in order to become perfect and balanced.  In life after life, they learn lessons which guide them to let go of hedonistic pleasures, of violence and lawlessness, of self-centeredness, of manipulating or using others, of a quest for fame or wealth, of negative or cynical thinking, and all the rest.  This is the lesson that Phil learned in the movie.  For him, to become perfect is not to measure up to someone else's standard of the ideal man (such as Rita), but to become his own ideal man -- someone who is kind and helpful, generous and caring.  It is when he finally achieves this ideal that he finds love with Rita, the Twin Soul in this movie. 

     It struck me, watching this film, how so many people think that reuniting with one's Twin Soul means that somehow they must contort themselves or manipulate others into a relationship.  This movie teaches differently.  Only when we become our highest and best self --our complete, balanced self --can we be ready for reunion with our Twin Soul.  By then, we learn that in our completeness, we are happy and no longer need our Twin.  By letting go of our neediness, we remove the last block to our reunion.  Happiness together requires happiness alone.  That's the lesson here.

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