Saturday, March 9, 2013

Empaths as Harmonizer Souls

     In Destiny of Souls, the author Dr. Michael Newton explains that every soul has a role in the between-life.  Often, this role will play out in the incarnated life as well.  For example, souls he calls Nursery Teachers in the between-life have the duty to train and guide young souls.  In their embodied life, they may become teachers, counselors, or wise relatives.  The soul category that piqued my interest was the one Dr. Newton called Harmonizer Souls.

     In the between-life, Harmonizer Souls have the main duty of restoring disrupted energy on Earth.  In their incarnated form, they may be "statesmen, prophets, inspiration messengers, negotiators, artists, musicians and writers."  Dr. Newton adds, "they are souls who balance the energy of planetary events involving human relationships."  This could be in a public forum, or behind the scenes.  The author adds that they are not necessarily healers in the one-on-one sense, because "Harmonizers function on a larger scale in attempting to diffuse negative energy." 

     I've often thought that when I'm working well as an empath, I can sense a disharmony and then I mentally send positive light toward the people I'm watching.  For example, I was in a store not long ago and I saw a mother and daughter getting in a tense conversation with each other.  I could tell it could get very ugly rather quickly.  I took a deep breath and sent white, calming light toward them, imagining that it was like a cloud of peace that floated around their heads and gradually enveloped both of them.  The tenseness that I had originally felt eased.  They came to some agreement and left. 

     Although Dr. Newton doesn't mention empaths in his books, I'm wondering if our duty is to work as Harmonizers.  If so, will you take the challenge to bring peace to our troubled world?  Let's put our gifts to good use!

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