Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Mayans and December 22, 2012

     I read with some amusement, quickly followed by a hefty measure of sadness, that people in various countries are panicking over the 12/21/12 date.  They're clearing out store shelves of candles, canned foods, jugs of water, power generators, guns and ammunition, you name it.  Can we all just step back, take a deep breath, and clear our minds a little bit?

     Yes, the December 21, 2012 date marks the "end" of the large cycle on the Mayan calendar.  Dear readers, please understand that the Mayan calendar is cyclical -- they view it as going around in giant circles, like cogs.  Just because we reach an end date doesn't mean that it's the end forever.  We just start over on the long count. 

     For this reason, the Mayans are planning a huge party on December 22, 2012.  In fact, they're so excited about this party that they're planning another one on the same day in 2013.  If they aren't panicking, neither should we.

     Let's not give in to fear, because it is usually a form of manipulation by some folks who either want to distract you from what they're really doing, or else by some people out to make a buck.  Either way, fear is an attractive force; remember "You attract that which you fear."  Let's not give in to that.  Rather, let's keep this a joyous occasion, a great time to start over. 

    And let's plan a big party not only on 12/22/12, but on 12/22/13. 

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