Saturday, November 10, 2012

Solar Flares and Us, Part 2

     Last time we discussed how solar flares affect us physically, including making all your co-workers loony and giving you the teeniest bit of a headache.  There are some who believe that solar flares have a higher purpose, which is to help our species evolve.

     Photon energy, which comes from the sun, has a higher vibration than our usual level.  It has the power to awaken old emotional injuries and traumas and help us release them.  You might recognize it as a sudden and unexplained wave of sadness or grief that may last twenty minutes or so.  Or you may have experienced a sudden flash of heat as your body releases the traumas from its cellular memory. 

     All of this serves the purpose of helping us release the old, the negative, and the painful which no longer helps us.  Like a hot-air balloonist cutting away the bags of sand, it eventually will help us to soar.  It will help our species to evolve. 

     Doesn't that give you hope?

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