Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Do You Ever Feel . . .

Do you ever feel . . .
  • there's not enough time to do what you want, and too many things on your "to-do" list?
  • that time-saving devices often aren't?
  • that your dreams seem still very far away, and prayer and visioning hasn't changed that fact?
  • that people are less and less kind these days?
  • that if you have to hear one more robo-call about politics you're going to scream?
  • that your empathic sense tells you that big changes are coming, but you have no idea how to prepare?
  • that the best antidote to most things is a purring kitty on your lap?
  • that another great antidote is being in the arms of your loved one?
  • that sunlight reflected off an autumn leaf can contain eternity in a moment?
  • that lying down for fifteen minute and closing your eyes can do wonders to your world view?
  • that perhaps the results of all your work aren't meant to be seen by you in this lifetime, but their effects are like tiny ripples, which grow larger and larger with each passing year?
  • that this last fact makes you both sad and happy at the same time?

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