Saturday, May 21, 2022

If You Want to Know the Back Story . . . Part 3

      I'd like to share some highlighted sections from Anita Moorjani's book, Dying to Be Me.  

     On what she learned about herself during the near death experience:

This was a rather surprising realization for me, because I'd always thought I needed to work at being lovable.  I believed that I somehow had to be deserving and worthy of being cared for, so it was incredible to realize this wasn't the case.  I'm loved unconditionally, for no other reason than simply because I exist.

      On what she was to learn from being ill with cancer:

It was then that I understood that my body is only a reflection of my internal state.  If my inner self were aware of its greatness and connection to All-that-is, my body would soon reflect that and heal rapidly.

     On our true purpose in life:

If we're all One, all facets of the same Whole, which is unconditional love, then of course who we are is love!  I knew that was really the only purpose of life:  to be our self, live our truth, and be the love that we are.  


Saturday, May 14, 2022

If You Want to Know the Back Story . . . Part 2

      Last week I was raving about Anita Moorjani's book, Dying to Be Me.  I found myself highlighting and dog-earing section after section while I was reading.  One of the main lessons that she learned from her near-death experience was that we are all part of the One, and are wonderous, luminous beings of love.  Given that, one of our main priorities in this life is to acknowledge that and to love ourselves.

     Moorjani's upbringing taught her to deny herself and put others first.  She found that, after spending her whole life trying to please people and squash her individuality, she was deeply unhappy and did not love or honor herself.  She felt that one of the reasons she was given the near death experience (NDE) was to change all that.

   Of course, that wasn't all that she received from her NDE.  Her body, which was so riddled with cancer that her organs were shutting down, quickly returned to full health and she soon returned home, completely cancer free.  She believes that she was given another chance in this life to spread the word about her NDE and what she learned.  This books is what resulted.  Its message will stay with you a long time.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

If You Want to Know the Back Story . . .

      Last month I was raving about Anita Moorjani's wonderful book for empaths, Sensitive is the New Strong.  I plan to re-read it sometime very soon.  Yes, it was that good, with plenty of useful information that goes far beyond the "surround yourself with a white bubble" advice that never really worked for me.

     Although she gives part of her story in this book, I wanted to read her first book which details how she nearly died and had a near-death experience.  If this interests you, I highly recommend this book, Dying to Be Me.  What I most admired about her account is how she found the words to describe in detail what she experienced on the other side.

     As her body lay dying, she reports that her spirit was able to travel to see the doctor speaking to her husband down the hallway from her hospital room, she was able to see doctors and nurses working on her body, and she was able to see her brother on an airplane flying to be with her.  After that, her spirit went to another place where she met with her father and best friend, both of whom were already deceased.  

     Her description of that place, and her feelings about her own self, are beautiful and almost poetic.  She reiterates again and again that her spirit is part of the One and that it is wonderous beyond all imagining.  That is one of the main lessons from her experience there -- that her spirit is far greater, luminous, and magnificent than she ever dreamed.  And that is her message to us all -- that we are beautiful, amazing beings of light and love.  A fascinating book.


Saturday, April 30, 2022

Some Quotes for Today

Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there.  Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways.  (The Dalai Lama)

Not one of us can rest, be happy, be at home, be at peace with ourselves, until we end hatred and division.  (John Lewis)

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.  (Jimi Hendrix) 


Saturday, April 23, 2022

A Must-Have Book for Empaths, Part 3

      I wanted to share a couple more quotes from this fabulous book, Sensitive is the New Strong, by Anita Moorjani.

     On how we empaths deplete ourselves:

"I want to stress again a few of the common ways we deplete our life force energy, which may either lead to an illness or prevent our bodies from healing from one:  We give of ourselves until we're drained, but we don't know how to receive.  We don't know how to recharge our batteries.  We feel guilty when we feel happy or do something good for ourselves.  We don't believe we're worthy or deserving of positive things.  We're stressed out all the time, perhaps by our relationships, our finances, or our jobs.  We're lonely or grieving or suffering a trauma of some kind that goes on for a prolonged period of time."

     On how to fix that (this is fleshed out much more in the book, another reason to buy it!):

"It's not what you do -- it's what that activity does for you.  Everything that nourishes your soul and recharges your light is a spiritual activity." 

     Moorjani stresses over and over that the key to keep from depleting ourselves is to love ourselves first.  That's hard for many empaths, who have spent their lifetime putting others first.  But this is crucial, the author argues, and spends a good part of the book showing how we can do that.  I can't recommend this book highly enough. 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

A Must-Have Book for Empaths, Part 2

      Last week I was discussing Anita Moorjani's must-have book for empaths, Sensitive Is the New Strong.  I'd like to share some snippets of wisdom from the book.  Perhaps they will speak to you as well.

     On why we are here:

"Empaths are highly advanced souls being incarnated on earth in increasing numbers to shed light into the darkness during this time of transformation."

     On the struggles of empaths:

"Our downfall, or our curse, is our inability to distinguish other people's needs and emotions from our own, and our need to make everyone else feel good before we can feel good ourselves.  This is what draws us out of our inner sanctity and into other people's dramas, and why it feels like we carry a heavy burden on our shoulders.  We also struggle, as we've seen, with trying to fit in to a world that's not geared toward us -- we're six-sensory beings living in a five-sensory world." 

      On how to keep from being unbalanced by other people's emotions:

"It is not your job to absorb everyone else's energy.  It is not your job to rescue people at your expense or convince them of what is possible if they don't believe you.  Your only job is to empower yourself, to stay connected to your center, and allow your presence to inspire others so they know what is possible in order to heal, if it's their fate to do so."



Saturday, April 9, 2022

A Must-Have Book for Empaths

      I stumbled upon a book that struck me like a lightning bolt -- a book that I wish I had met years ago.  I speak of Anita Moorjani's Sensitive Is the New Strong.  What a wealth of understanding and wisdom!  I would urge you, if you are an empath, to check this book out.  

     If you do not know Moorjani's story, she had a four-year battle with cancer, which she almost lost in 2006.  Her organs were shutting down and she very nearly died.  She had a Near Death Experience.  But then after experiencing the unconditional love and wonder and enveloping lightness of the Other Side, she came back to life in this earthly plane. It changed her life.  Not only mentally and emotionally, but her cancer-ravaged body spontaneously healed and she recovered fully from the cancer.  

    Her return to normal life, however, was difficult because she was so fundamentally changed.  She learned that she was an empath, and had been a sensitive person all her life.  However, those very traits had some dark sides, such as being a people-pleaser and a door mat.  She spent most of her life trying to make others happy at the expense of her own happiness.

     And she believes that this trait is what caused her to become ill in the first place.  So, she had to learn how to be an empath, and embrace all those gifts, but not at the expense of her own happiness.  That is what this book teaches -- how to use the powers of the empath without depleting ourselves.  Get this book.